S4S Analytics (Optional)

It is possible to expose the browsing behavior of Sitecore website visitors in Salesforce if they submit a web form that creates a contact or lead record. A custom or Experience Forms/WFFM form can be used to push Sitecore analytics data to Salesforce. Once inside Salesforce, the browsing behavior can be viewed, reported against, and edited so the returning visitor will have the required experience in Sitecore.


  1. S4S
  2. Sitecore web forms (Experience Forms or WFFM)
  3. Access to your Sitecore instance from your Salesforce IP
  4. Salesforce packages:

Next Step (Optional)

Upgrade S4S to 1.9.18064.2


Upgrade S4S to 2.900.18222.3


Upgrade S4S to 2.911.19253.1 and later