Assisted Installation

Developers can install S4S without help, or install it with guidance from FuseIT. For more information about both options please see the S4S Resources page

This page addresses the free assisted installation offered to prospective and existing customers, Sitecore partners and SitecoreFuseIT recommend an assisted install for the following reasons:

  • Sitecore developers get up-to-speed faster and learn about the options they need to install
  • They establish developer-to-developer communication with an expert in S4S, Sitecore and Salesforce
  • They are less likely to install additional features they don't need
  • They can ask about use cases, find out the best way to implement custom functionality (if required) and/or request code examples

An assisted install is intended to get you connected and does not include installing out-of-the-box features like S4S Analytics or one of the Security Providers. If these features are required, please let FuseIT know during the screen sharing session.


Installation Assistance Overview

FuseIT provide free S4S installation assistance within the following constraints

  • Assistance is via a GoToMeeting session or using another screen sharing and video conferencing system
  • Calls are between 8.00am and 5.00pm, New Zealand Standard Time
  • The session time will be limited to one hour. Additional calls can be scheduled as needed 
  • The assistance will establish the following functionality:
    • Install S4S so communication between the two systems is possible and can be proven
    • Create a Salesforce lead or contact from a Sitecore Experience Form, or alternatively, a Web Forms for Marketers form. This will use out-of-the-box S4S functionality
  • An experienced Sitecore developer is required to attend the call
  • The technical prerequisites below are available and in place before the call

IMPORTANT: FuseIT do not require remote access (RDP) to your systems

Technical Prerequisites

The following assets/actions are required before the call

  • Download the S4S version that matches your Sitecore version. Please request a download link from and provide the company name of the end customer

  • A working Sitecore instance (with WFFM installed if you want to use that)

  • The credentials (and security token) to access a Salesforce instance (ideally a Sandbox or Developer Org) via a provisioned API user

  • Optional: Download the FuseIT SFDC Explorer to help overcome potential authentication problems if they arise

For more information please see the Installation Support section on the S4S Resources page.