Using S4S

Typically there are two ways to use S4S, programming directly against the S4S libraries or accessing out-of-the-box (OOTB) functionality by the user interface.

Programming against S4S

Because there are so many ways to use S4S, it is likely some development will be required when implementing the connector.

Please see the following sections for more details:

S4S GUI Features

S4S has been designed as a flexible API primarily aimed at developers wishing to implement a wide a range of features. There are, however, some places where S4S can be configured or exposed through a browser.

S4S Mapping Wizard

Please see the S4S Web Forms for Marketers section to learn about mapping Sitecore Web Forms for Marketers Forms (WFFM) to Salesforce objects.  

FuseIT S4S Status Page

This page assists administrators in viewing the status of S4S and any associated Sitecore modules. After installing S4S navigate to where is the name of your domain.

S4S List Builder

S4SLB is a Sitecore Desktop Application that pulls lists of contacts and leads (within campaigns and reports) from Salesforce into Sitecore for used with Sitecore EXM.