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S4S License Types

S4S licenses are resource-based. Only licenses for production servers are required. Non-production servers and Salesforce Sandboxes are not required to be licensed.

License Type

Website Domains

e.g. fuseit.com

Sitecore Locations

e.g. New York

   Salesforce Orgs

e.g. Org 1 


Optional Modules

After selecting a license type determine what other features you need:

Purchasing Process

To purchase S4S, customers need to follow this process:

  • Identify the required S4S license type above
  • Sign the S4S License and Maintenance Agreement (EULA)
  • Complete the S4S Purchase Order Form
  • FuseIT raise an invoice
  • Complete the S4S Technical Submission Form
  • FuseIT issue a production license when the EULA and payment have been received

Please request the documents and the latest pricing from support@fuseit.com.

Installation Support

You can S4S in around less than eight hours. We recommend a complimentary assisted install to reduce this to around an hour and we can also make sure you only install what you need. Please suggest a date and time that works for us in New Zealand. You will need a Sitecore developer, a working Sitecore instance, and the credentials (and security token) to access your Salesforce instance (see below) via a provisioned API user.

Unassisted Installation

If you want to install S4S please download and install the release for your Sitecore version (email us to get access to the download folder). S4S installation information:

The downloaded connector will work against any Salesforce Sandbox or Developer Edition without licensing. For more information please view the S4S Assisted Installation page.

Note the following Salesforce environments:

Salesforce Edition



A live instance of Salesforce – typically contains multiple customizations - do not develop against


Subset copy of production that can be “refreshed” from production once a month - best to develop against


Free Salesforce Enterprise – great to develop against but does not contain the customer’s customizations


Not recommended as these typically expire in a month. You will also meet your Salesforce account manager

Please email support to arrange a suitable time for:

  • Free assisted installs via GoToMeeting
  • Pre-sales technical help
  • Optional RDP and onsite installs

Developer Tools

  • FuseIT SFDC Explorer - This tool will validate your API credentials and you can generate strongly typed Salesforce classes in .NET
  • S4S Status Page - After installation, use this page to check the settings 
  • S4S Version History - Identify any potential conflicts between versions
  • Code snippets
  • Starter Kit package in the S4S download shows examples of custom implementations

Other information

To get started you could take the following approach:

  • Install S4S into a Sitecore DEV website (or use the vanilla Starter Kit that is included with S4S)
  • Point to your Salesforce Sandbox which will have the customizations replicated from your production instance (or map it to a Salesforce Developer instance without customizations)

When developing custom functionality against Salesforce please consider the following:

Ongoing Support

Get more information and support: