Analytics Troubleshooting

After installing and configuring S4S Analytics, users can sometimes experience problems with seeing Sitecore Analytics data in Salesforce. The following are solutions to the most common problems.

1. Check that Analytics is enabled in configuration.

From v2.102.22100 Analytics can be disabled globally by setting the S4S.Analytics.Enabled setting in App_Config/Modules/S4S/S4SAnalytics.config to false. This setting is true by default.

<setting name="S4S.Analytics.Enabled" value="true"/>

2. Ensure that Sitecore XDB support is available.

Sitecore Experience Manager (XM) does not support XDB. Sitecore XP may also have XDB disabled by setting the Xdb.Enabled setting to false in App_Config/Sitecore/Marketing.xDB/Sitecore.Xdb.config. This setting is true by default.

<setting name="Xdb.Enabled" value="true" />

3. Make sure your S4S Experience Form Mapping is configured to submit Sitecore Analytics

The ‘Push Sitecore Analytics’ checkbox should be checked. For SC8.1, a different submit action was used. For SC9 Experience Forms, the same submit action is used, but it configured to push SC Analytics:

From S4S v2.102.22100 this checkbox will not appear if either settings (1) or (2) above are false, or on Sitecore XM instances.

4. Make sure that all changes to the S4S Experience Form Mappings are published

The S4S Experience Form Mapping configurations are stored in the Sitecore tree - /sitecore/system/Modules/S4S/SitecoreExperienceFormMapping/Mappings
Sometimes these items do not get published after changes have been made which can result in expected data not being pushed to Salesforce.

5. Confirm that you have the correct FuseIT Sitecore Analytics Package installed in Salesforce

If you have upgraded from S4S for Sitecore 8.1, then you will have needed to install/upgrade to the ‘FuseIT Sitecore Analytics Package (version 3.3)’ Salesforce package -
To quickly check this in Salesforce, navigate to Setup>Apps>Packaging>Installed Packages:

If you have upgraded from Sitecore 8.x and were not using the S4S Analytics Managed Package, then the FuseIT Sitecore Analytics 3.3 will be installed alongside FuseIT Sitecore Analytics 2.0. If this is the case, you will need to remove the v2.0 Salesforce Fields and Related Lists from the Contact and Lead Page Layouts and add the v.3.3 Fields and Related Lists. You may not be seeing data because you are looking at the v.2.0 fields on the page layouts which will not be receiving data from Sitecore.

7. CD/CM – Enable xConnect Search on all CD Servers

If you are using CD/CM then searching the xConnect server from CD may be disabled. Ensure the “searchConnectionStringName“ entry is set in the website\App_Config\Sitecore\XConnect.Client.Configuration\Sitecore.XConnect.Client.config files for each of the CD Servers:

<!-- Collection and Search XConnect Client configuration for Standalone or ContentManagement role --> <clientconfig type="Sitecore.XConnect.Client.Configuration.SitecoreXConnectClientConfiguration,Sitecore.XConnect.Client.Configuration" singleInstance="true" role:require="Standalone or ContentManagement"> <param desc="clientModel" ref="xconnect/runtime" /> <param desc="collectionConnectionStringName">xconnect.collection</param> <param desc="configurationConnectionStringName">xconnect.collection</param> <!-- Add this to enable searching of XConnect from CD Server --> <param desc="searchConnectionStringName">xconnect.collection</param> </clientconfig>

Note - The following is an outline of what could cause unexpected problems. Please consult the Sitecore documention for detailed guidelines:

In a scaled environment where XConnect roles are dedicated for xConnect Collection and xConnect Collection Search, then the searchConnectionStringName parameter must be configured for the xConnection Collection Search connection string.

Example connection strings - \App_Config\ConnectionStrings.config:

Example App_Config\Sitecore\XConnect.Client.Configuration\Sitecore.XConnect.Client.config entries:

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