Update Facets


This processor is responsible for updating the Sitecore facets and S4S facet with data from the Salesforce object retrieved in the previous step.


Configuration is done in the S4SAnalytics.config configuration file.

<!-- Processor to update the S4S facet and the Sitecore Email and Personal Information facet.
     NOTE: If the Salesforce type configured in the processor does not match the Salesforce object type matched earlier in the pipeline the processor returns
           and processing continues to the next processor in the pipeline. This allows updates to the facet from different types of Salesforce object. -->
<processor type="FuseIT.S4S.WebToSalesforce.Pipelines.ResolveXdbContactFromSalesforce.UpdateFacets, FuseIT.S4S.WebToSalesforce">
  <!-- The type of Salesforce object to update the facets from. -->
  <SitecoreFacetMappings hint="raw:AddFacetMapping">
  <!-- The mappings used to update the Sitecore facet values. 
       SalesforceField values need to be set to map the values in the matched Salesforce object to the email, firstname and lastname fields in the Sitecore facets. -->
    <Mapping facetField="email" salesforceField="Email"/>
    <Mapping facetField="firstname" salesforceField="FirstName"/>
    <Mapping facetField="lastname" salesforceField="LastName"/>

The Salesforce object type to update the data from.

Note: If the object retrieved in the previous step is not of this type the processor will stop and move to the next step. This way if searching for Leads and Contacts the updating of the facet data can be configured per Salesforce object type.


The mappings between the Sitecore facet fields and the Salesforce object fields. The salesforceFields should be set to the field names on the Salesforce object that should be used to populate the email, first name and last name fields in the Sitecore facets.

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