Resolve xDB Contact


This processor is responsible for resolving the matched Salesforce object, brought back in the previous step, with an xDB contact. The processor will use the configured SalesforceS4SIdentifierField value to identify the correct contact within xDB.


Configuration is done in the S4SAnalytics.config configuration file.

<!-- Processor to resolve a Salesforce object to an xDB contact.
     NOTE: If a Salesforce object is not resolved then processing will move to the next processor in the pipeline to enable resolving of multiple object types.
           If the Salesforce type configured in the processor does not match the Salesforce object type matched earlier in the pipeline the processor returns
           and processing continues to the next processor in the pipeline.
           If the xDB contact has already been resolved the processor will not run. -->
<processor type="FuseIT.S4S.WebToSalesforce.Pipelines.ResolveXdbContactFromSalesforce.ResolveXdbContact, FuseIT.S4S.WebToSalesforce">
  <!-- The type of Salesforce object to resolve an xDB contact from. -->
  <!-- The field on the Salesforce object to use as the identifier when identifying the xDB contact. 
       NOTE: This field must be configured to be retrieved in the processor that retrieves the matching Salesforce object -->
  <!-- The contact manager. -->
  <ContactManager ref="tracking/contactManager" />

The Salesforce object type to resolve against.

Note: If the object retrieved in the previous step is not of this type the processor will stop and move to the next step. This way if searching for Leads and Contacts the resolving of the Salesforce object can be configured per type.


The name of the Salesforce field on the object that will be used to identify the xDB contact.. If an xDB contact exists that has an identifier that matched this field that will be the one that will be used. If not, an identity will be added to a new xDB contact.

Note: By setting the S4S.Analytics.ConvertIdentifierValueToLowerCase configuration to true will ensure that all identifiers are lower case in S4S. This will ensure that the identifiers are not different based on their case.

ContactManagerThe contact manager to use.

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