S4S Options


A number of S4S options are included with every S4S release but you may not choose to implement these features.

The connector has many options - most will NOT be required.

Salesforce Packages

In many cases, you do not need to install Salesforce packages. Install Salesforce packages only if you need one of the following:

Note that some are unmanaged packages so you can modify them to better fit into your Salesforce instance.


Note: You will need to install a Salesforce package when pushing Sitecore analytics to Salesforce.


Starter Kit

Included with S4S, the Starter Kit can be installed into a new Sitecore instance and used to see how Salesforce transactions are developed using S4S. The source code is for demonstration purposes only.

Sitecore Experience Forms (and WFFM Forms)

S4S includes significant functionality to support Experience Forms. Older WFFM forms are also supported for some versions of Sitecore 9.

S4S Analytics

In conjunction with Sitecore forms, S4S Analytics pushes Sitecore xDB data to Salesforce leads and contact records. This functionality requires web forms to have an S4S Save Action or alternatively, custom code on a Sitecore web form page. 

Security Connector

The Security Connector is only required if you want visitors to log into the Sitecore website using credentials stored in a Salesforce Contact or Lead record. It requires a package to be installed in Salesforce.

S4S List Builder

The List Builder lets Sitecore administrators import Salesforce campaign and report lists into Sitecore for use with Sitecore Email Experience Manager (EXM).

Sitecore for Marketing Cloud

S4MC is a standalone option (independent to Salesforce) that lets Sitecore editors map Sitecore forms to Marketing Cloud subscriber lists (and data extensions) using a convenient wizard.

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