S4S Installation


This wiki covers the steps needed to install and configure the FuseIT S4S connector. The audience for this section is developers with experience installing and configuring Sitecore. Experience with Salesforce should not be required.

How to Use this Wiki

We recommend you use the Next Step link at the bottom of each page. Always check that the feature you are installing is required by your business (optional features are marked Optional).

The connector has many options - most will NOT be required.

Use the S4S Installation Chart to ensure you only install what is needed.


This wiki describes how to install FuseIT S4S Packages and not how to set up and configure Salesforce or Sitecore.


Option: An out-of-the-box feature that is available in S4S but should not be installed unless required

Module: An S4S feature that is not out-of-the-box and is a paid extra

Save Action: A code library that executes when a web form is submitted by a website visitor. This is also called a Submit Action

Security Connector: An optional feature that lets website visitors log into the Sitecore website using credentials stored in a Salesforce Contact or Lead record. It requires a package to be installed in Salesforce

Experience Forms or WFFM Forms: Types of Sitecore web form. S4S includes functionality to support these forms 

S4S Installation Overview

Basic Install

The basic install requires a package to be installed into Sitecore and some minor Salesforce customization. Once completed you can create, read, update and delete Salesforce objects from Sitecore (like Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Documents, Cases or custom objects). You can execute this functionality in Sitecore using custom code (see the Starter Kit or examples in this document). Note that S4S typically pushes and pulls information to and from Salesforce after a Sitecore event (button click, page load, scheduled task etc.).

S4S Installation Chart

Please follow the steps in the S4S Installation Chart to save time and effort. Click the image below to download the PDF version.

Next Step

S4S Version Compatibility