S4S Now Module


S4S Now is a tool that lets sales operators view and personalize current Sitecore sessions from Salesforce.

This module consists of a Sitecore package and a Salesforce package.

After you install and configure S4S Now properly, you will be able to view the current Sitecore session from Salesforce as follows;


  • To use S4S Now, your website should be running on Sitecore 9.1 update 1 or above.
  • You need to have single server architecture (use one server for content delivery and content management) or CD/CM architecture with a single CD server.
  • FuseIT S4S core (version 2.911.19253.1 or above) installed and configured.
  • FuseIT Sitecore Analytics Package (version 3.3 or above) installed and configured in Salesforce
  • FuseIT Sitecore Personalization package (version 1.4 or above) installed and configured in Salesforce.

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