Advanced Features


Note: These S4S features are not normally installed. FuseIT recommends you discuss your requirements with us before installing these features.

Single Role

The Sitecore role equates to the Salesforce account. In this configuration, each contact can only have one role (the associated Account). An account can be made a Sitecore role by checking the Sitecore Role checkbox in the Sitecore section of Account. Single-Role cannot be used with leads because they do not have a relationship with the Accounts object. This section covers the additional steps to set up Single Role role support for all Salesforce editions.

Campaign Members as Sitecore Roles

S4S lets you expose Salesforce Campaign Members as Sitecore users by setting up a separate domain for this provider. This functionality is provided for purposes such as reporting, emailing, etc and as such, these users are read-only and are not used for authentication purposes

Security Connector for Account Lookup

Adding the Account Lookup functionality allows your customers, represented in Salesforce as a custom object with a lookup relationship to a parent Account, to login to your Sitecore website using credentials stored in their custom Salesforce record.