Create S4S Analytics Custom Settings

Custom settings can be created at the organisation level or specific settings created for specific users. 

To add a new setting click New. Note that there are two "New" buttons on this page.The top New button is the org level value - this will apply to all users and is the easiest to work with. The lower New button will allow you to restrict SF callouts to a user or profile. We suggest starting with the top org settings and get that working first.

Set the Maximum Visits to the number of visits that will be retrieved when the Get Latest Visits button in the Sitecore Visits related list is clicked. The maximum number of visits is 99.

Set the Site URL/IP to the address of the Sitecore site where the S4S web services are installed. The address can be a URL with resolution through public DNS or an IP address. Optionally you may also include a port number, i.e.

If this is not a public facing website, you will need to ensure that a pinhole is open from Salesforce through to your IIS server, load balancer, CD/CM at the indicated IP or URL. See Salesforce Callouts

Authorise the URL by adding it to Remote Site Settings. If your site address already exists in the remote site setting list, you do not need to do this again.

Setup » Administer » Security Controls » Remote Site Settings (Salesforce Classic)

Setup » Settings » Security » Remote Site Settings (Lightning)

Enter the URL or IP address set up in Custom Settings above. 


Note: This is a common area for mistake, either the address is not set up in both places, it does not match, or it is not accessible from Salesforce

Next Step

Configure S4S Analytics Web Service Security