Personalization Salesforce Package Installation and Configuration

Package Installation

S4S version 2.900.18222.3 and above allows the manipulation of the custom S4S xDB contact facet from within Salesforce. In order to enable this functionality in Salesforce the S4S Personalization package needs to be installed.

FuseIT Sitecore Personalization package (version 1.4):

Note: With version 1.4 of the Personalization package an API key needs to be entered into the Web Service API Key field of the S4S Personalization Settings.


The S4S Personalization package uses S4S web services to retrieve and save data in Sitecore's xDB. The package uses the Sitecore xDB contact alias identifier stored in a field in the Salesforce object to access the correct xDB contact in Sitecore. If the S4S Analytics package is installed the field on the Salesforce Lead object and Salesforce Contact object is FuseITAnalytics__SitecoreVisitorId__c. If you are storing the alias identifier in another field then that field can be used instead of the S4S Analytics field name.

  • Setup » Build » Develop » Custom Settings (Salesforce Classic)
  • Setup » Platform Tools » Custom Code » Custom Settings (Lightning)
  • Click Manage in front of S4S Personalization Settings

  • Add the URL where the web service is hosted into the Web Service Url field in the S4S Personalization package custom settings
  • Add the name of the field which will hold the corresponding Sitecore xDB contact alias into the Sitecore Contact Identifier Field Name field in the S4S Personalization package custom settings. If the S4S Analytics package is installed you can use FuseITAnalytics__SitecoreVisitorId__c as the field name

  • If you require special HTTP headers to be sent with callouts, these can be entered in the Custom Headers field (Salesforce package v1.7 or greater). Include both the header name and value separated by a colon, e.g. "ApiKey:ABC123". If multiple headers are required enter one per line.
  • Click Save 

Next Step

Configuring S4S Personalization Web Service Security