S4S Version Compatibility

Salesforce Editions

S4S requires a Salesforce Edition that supports the Partner API. This is typically Enterprise Edition and above.

Sitecore Platforms and Topologies

S4S can be installed on-premise, in hosted VMs, or in Azure PaaS. Some out-of-the-box features may be impacted by topology chosen. S4S has functionality to support Sitecore XP (SXP), and Email Experience Manager (EXM). 

S4S is compatible only with Sitecore Experience Platform. S4S is not used with Sitecore Federated Experience Manager (FXM) or Sitecore Print Experience Manager (PXM). S4S libraries can be used by any ASP.NET application on the Sitecore server to programmatically access Salesforce.  

Sitecore Versions

S4S releases are frequently published to support new Sitecore versions, new Salesforce API versions, implement extension functionality and fix bugs. For these reasons, you should strive to update S4S whenever conveniently possible. Your ability to support later versions of S4S largely depends on the web server operating system and the Microsoft .NET Framework used by your version of Sitecore, and what features you use. The version support is listed on the Sitecore Compatibility Table

All core S4S libraries require at least Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (which is compatible with later framework versions). 

S4S component or module nameSitecore XP 9.0 and EXM 3.4/3.5
Security Connectorü
Wizard to map web forms to Salesforceü
Push visitor analytics to Salesforceü
S4S support for EXM (List Builder)ü
S4S EXM modulepending

This wiki also contains information about installing S4S in Sitecore versions up to and including Sitecore 8.2

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