Sitecore Analytics Synchronisation (Pre-Sitecore 9)

Sitecore DMS tracks some common analytics of which some can be synced to Salesforce and stored on the associated Contact/Lead. These values can be reported on and it includes - total goal score, goals reached, page visit count and profile data (profile name, profile keys and pattern cards).

Sitecore Configuration

The FuseIT agent can be registered in S4SMapping.config. Below is the code for it (it is commented out by default):

	<!-- S4S pushes Sitecore DMS data to Salesforce at the specified interval -->
	<agent name="S4SUpdateAnalytics" type="FuseIT.S4S.WebToSalesforce.WebToEntity" method="BulkUpdateSitecoreAnalyticsInSalesforce" interval="00:30:00"/>

Note: The interval above will sync the analytics after every 30 minutes. You can change this value in S4SMapping.config file.

When data is synchronised to Salesforce the process uses a date/time in the Sitecore Content tree to determine the last time sync occurred (see image below). This is to limit the time required to undertake the sync and prevent unnecessarily updating the same data. When a sync has been completed, the date/time value is updated in the content tree.

Congratulations, you have finished installing S4S Analytics.

Next Step

Congratulations, you have finished installing this option.