Sitecore (Pre-Sitecore 9)

After installing the S4S Sitecore Package a Sublayout called FuseITLoadPreviousVisit will be added to Sitecore content tree. Add this sublayout to the Sitecore item on which you want the content to be displayed according to the values set in Salesforce.

Follow the steps below to add the sublayout to a page.

  1. Select the page.
  2. Select Presentation tab and click on details.
  3. Layout Details will open; click edit for the device you want to add the sublayout for.
  4. Device Editor will open; Select Controls. 
  5. Click Add and find FuseITLoadPreviousVisit under Sublayouts, add a placeholder and click Select.
  6. Click Ok on Device Editor and Layout Details.
  7. Publish the site.

Next Step

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