Configuring the Starter Kit (Optional) (Pre Sitecore 9)

The Starter Kit showcases S4S usage in a simple Sitecore website. Because the underlying page code is available, developers can learn how to implement S4S in their own Sitecore implementations. The Kit is installed into an empty Sitecore website and is intended to demonstrate the implementation of common functionality. An alternative to installing the Starter Kit is to view the code files in the Starter Kit package. 

The Starter Kit includes an implementation of the Security Connector. If you intend to extend the Starter Kit (e.g. for a Proof of Concept) please refer to the relevant sections. If the S4S Starter Kit is being used in addition to the core components the following changes should be made to the web.config:

  • Under rendering » typesThatShouldNotBeExpanded add: 

IMPORTANT: Ensure you publish the Starter Kit items by logging into Sitecore Admin Content Editor and Publish the Starter Kit demo pages.

  • If you are installing the Starter Kit you will also need to add an additional connection string for the Starter Kit Demo pages with the name "S4SConnStringui".
<add name="S4SConnString" connectionString="S4S:user id=user;password=password;environment=<binding_environment>" />
<add name="S4SConnStringui" connectionString="S4S:user id=user;password=password;environment=<binding_environment>" />

You can use separate connection strings for the security provider and the data connector the access to Salesforce data can be controlled independently.

More details on connection string parameters here

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