Upgrade S4S to 1.82.17163.1 (Pre-Sitecore 9)


The Salesforce Analytics packages that were available before S4S version 1.82.17163.1 (Salesforce packages 2.3 and earlier) were all unmanaged. This meant that any upgrade to the package required the old package to be removed and then the latest one installed. As of S4S version 1.82.17163.1 (Salesforce package 3.0) the package is now managed which enables easier upgrades. It is recommended to use the latest package as it includes functionality for the new Identify and Push Visitor save action as well as making future upgrades easier.

New Install - S4S 1.82.17163.1 and Salesforce Analytics Package 3.0

If you have performed a new install in Sitecore of S4S 1.82.17163.1 and installed version 3.0 of the Analytics package in Salesforce there is no further configuration to do to enable S4S to use the Salesforce package.

Upgrade S4S to 1.82.17163.1: Remain using an Unmanaged Salesforce Analytics Package

If you have upgraded S4S to version 1.82.17163.1 and are still using an unmanaged version of the Analytics package in Salesforce the configuration needs to be amended to specify the Salesforce package is unmanaged. The configuration can be amended by editing the App_Config/Include/S4SAnalytics.config file.

Change the following entry from

<setting name="S4S.Analytics.IsSalesforcePackageManaged" value="true" />


<setting name="S4S.Analytics.IsSalesforcePackageManaged" value="false" />

Upgrade of S4S to 1.82.17163.1: Upgrade to the Managed Salesforce Analytics Package 3.0

Because version 3.0 of the Analytics package is managed it will install side by side with an existing unmanaged Analytics package which leaves the existing analytics data intact. Existing analytics data will need migrating across to the new managed objects and fields. If you still want to use the unmanaged package until data is migrated then the configuration needs to be amended as above to use an unmanaged package. Once the existing data is migrated and the managed package is to be used change the configuration file back to use the managed package.

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