Customize Leads Page Layout (Pre-Sitecore 9)

After installation of the package the Salesforce interface should be changed to expose the new S4S functionality.

Leads Settings 

Four new custom fields should be added to the Lead UI for setting the Sitecore username and password fields.

Add new custom fields

Navigate to a Leads page and Edit the page layout

Editing the Lead Page Layout

Add a new Section called "Sitecore" to the bottom of the Leads page.

Adding a new "Sitecore" section to the Lead Page Layout in Salesforce

Add the new custom fields to the new Sitecore Section:

  • Sitecore Username
  • Sitecore Password
  • Sitecore Password Question
  • Sitecore Password Answer
  • Password Encrypted (Add to Layout in the Sitecore Professional Edition Package only – Single and Multi-Role)

Sample layout for Standard Edition Sitecore section


Note: For Salesforce Enterprise Editions and above the Password encryption checkbox does NOT need to be added to the Lead Page layout, and can be invisible to all Users.

Save the Leads modified page layout.

Next Step

Add Sitecore Role Field (Pre-Sitecore 9)