Add Sitecore Role Field (Pre-Sitecore 9)

The Multi-Role package requires a custom field to be added, which will map a Lead (user) to Sitecore role/roles. This can be done via a checkbox, picklist or multi-select picklist. Navigate to Setup » Customize » Leads » Fields. Within the fields page navigate to the Lead Custom Fields & Relationships section 

Customising Lead Fields

If a multi-select picklist or picklist field is required, make the values for the picklist the same names as the Sitecore roles that are required. For example, if a requirement was to allow users to add Leads to the Sitecore ‘Example Role 1’ role – then add ‘Example Role 1’ to the list of picklist values.  

Multi-Role using Multi-Select Picklist

If checkboxes are required, add a checkbox for each role. It is important to ensure the checkbox field label is the same as the required role name. 

Multi-Role using Checkboxes

Password Encryption

The password encryption checkbox is a way for Sitecore authentication to determine if the supplied password is encrypted or not. In Salesforce Enterprise and above editions the password will be encrypted upon saving the Lead automatically. In all other Salesforce editions, the Lead Password will be encrypted after the first successful login into Sitecore.

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