Install Security Connector in Salesforce for Leads (Pre-Sitecore 9)

This section covers installing the Salesforce components of the S4S Leads Security Connector.


The S4S Leads Security Connector is an option that facilitates authentication into your Sitecore website using login credentials stored in a Salesforce lead record. This functionality overrides both the Membership and Role providers used by Sitecore so that the information is only stored in Salesforce.

Authenticating Users

Each Lead that logs into the Sitecore website is required to have a username and password present in custom fields in their Salesforce Lead record. Each Lead can be individually set by any Salesforce user that is enabled to edit the Lead.


Note: If S4S Multi-Role has been installed, the Sitecore Username field in the lead record needs a value for that lead to log into Sitecore.

Next Step

Package Download for Salesforce (Lead) (Pre-Sitecore 9)