S4S EXM Installation

Note: S4S EXM is an upgrade from S4SLBPlus. The original naming may appear in the packages, development files, and namespaces.

Sitecore Package

  • Install the S4SEXM Sitecore package from Sitecore Desktop » Development Tools » Installation Wizard
  • You can change the value of “interval” in the "S4SLBPlusScheduler" <agent> and control the S4SEXM scheduler run time (by default it has been set to eight hours).
  • In the App_Config/Sitecore/EmailExperience/Sitecore.EmailExperience.ContentManagement.config and App_Config/Sitecore/EmailExperience/Sitecore.EmailExperience.ContentDelivery.config, set all the “addCampaignToInteraction” parameters to true as shown below.

	<param desc="addCampaignToInteraction">true</param>

Salesforce Managed Package

Note: The package for the Enterprise / Unlimited Edition contains APEX classes and Triggers that cannot be installed on Salesforce Professional Edition.

  • Click New to create a new setting.

Set the Name to Default.

Set the S4SLB Web Service URL to the publicly accessible URL of your website (for example http://sitecoretest.fuseit.com) or an IP address which points to your website.

  • Authorise the URL by adding it to Remote Site Settings. If your site address already exists in the remote site setting list, you do not need to do this again.
  • Navigate to Setup » Security Controls » Remote Site Settings

  • Enter the URL or IP address set up in Custom Settings above. 

Note: This is a common area for mistake, either the address is not set up in both places, it does not match, or it is not accessible from Salesforce

  • Add the Sitecore Email Campaign Messages related list and the Get Sitecore Email Campaign Analytics button to the layout of Salesforce contacts and leads (as required).

  • Make sure the visibility of Salesforce contacts and leads is enabled and Edit and View permissions have been granted to Email Opt Out field

Next Step

S4S EXM with CD/CM Servers