S4S Package Download (Contact)

Only install one of these packages into Salesforce if you want to store Sitecore authentication details in your Salesforce Contact records.

The available S4S packages for download should match your Salesforce edition (aka Org Type).

IMPORTANT: The URL’s to the downloads below assume you will be installing the packages into regular Salesforce instance, if you are installing the packages into a Test Sandbox, you will need to change the start of the URL from https://login.salesforce.com/ to https://test.salesforce.com/ so your Sandbox login and password will work.

Salesforce Enterprise / Unlimited Edition Multi-Role Download

Organizations using the Enterprise / Unlimited Editions should use this package download.


Salesforce Professional Edition Multi-Role Download

For all other Salesforce Editions, use this package download.


IMPORTANT: Please ignore other packages.

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