S4S Experience Forms Support (Optional)


The audience for this document is developers and implementers with experience in installing and configuring the appropriate Sitecore and Salesforce areas.

IMPORTANT: This information assumes that you have experience in managing the technology. 

IMPORTANT: S4S Experience Forms will support Sitecore 9 Experience Forms. 

IMPORTANT: S4S Experience Forms functionality comes out-of-the-box in the S4S package. 



  • Sitecore 9 update 1 (rev. 171219)


IMPORTANT: Changes in Salesforce are only required if you want to push Sitecore Analytics to Salesforce.

S4S Experience Forms Mapping Wizard

You can use the S4S Experience Forms functionality to push Sitecore Experience form data to Salesforce leads, contacts or other objects. The functionality includes the S4S Experience Forms Mapping Wizard to map Sitecore Experience Forms to Salesforce objects and fields. The process to achieve this is:

  • Use standard Sitecore Experience Forms functionality to create a web form with form fields that match the equivalent fields in the Salesforce object. 
  • Choose “S4S Generic Submit Action” when creating the Experience Form. 
  • Click on “Sitecore Form Mapping Wizard” button in the launchpad. Choose the Sitecore Experience Form created in the previous step. 
  • Select Salesforce Instance, Salesforce object, Salesforce Object Owner (optional) and map the individual form fields to the object fields. 
  • Next, select the Salesforce fields from the “Salesforce Field Matching Rule” section to determine if the record already exists in Salesforce. Matching fields causes an UPDATE, rather than a CREATE, when the form is submitted.
  • Two extra sections will be displayed in the mapping wizard UI only if you select Salesforce contact or lead as the Salesforce object:
    • Map to Salesforce Campaign – This field can be used to add new (or updated) Salesforce contacts or leads to a Salesforce campaign.
    • Push Sitecore Analytics – This field can be used to push Sitecore analytics to the new (or updated) Salesforce contact or lead record. This requires several receiver fields in Salesforce that are installed with a Salesforce package.

IMPORTANT: "Push Sitecore Analytics" checkbox require an Analytics Package to be installed in Salesforce. The package adds the required receiver fields to store the Sitecore analytics data.

In the Sitecore tree, “S4S Generic Submit Action” is installed under:

/sitecore/system/Settings/Forms/Submit Actions/

If this Save Action is selected in the Experience Form as a submit action, the published Experience Form will appear in the S4S Experience Form Mapping Wizard which is accessible from the Sitecore launch pad. Developers can build custom Save Actions to improve Experience Form validation and functionality when connecting to Salesforce.

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