Install Security Connector in Salesforce for Account Lookup

This section covers installing the Salesforce components of the S4S Security Connector. You may not need to implement the processes in this section.

IMPORTANT: This is an optional install that lets customers log into the public Sitecore website using credentials stored in a Salesforce record with a lookup relationship to an Account. A login control will be required on your public facing site.


The S4S Security Connector is an option that lets your customers login to your website or web portal with a username and password stored in Salesforce. The authentication credentials are stored in a field in the Salesforce record. This functionality works by overriding the ASP.NET providers used by Sitecore so that the information is only stored in Salesforce.

IMPORTANT: If you choose this optional install you need to add the single or multi role package to Salesforce and make config file changes in Sitecore.

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