Using a Custom Save Action DLL (Pre-Sitecore 9)

There may be times you need to extend the functionality offered by WFFM forms and the S4S Mapping Wizard. For example, if you have complex custom web form that requires data from different Salesforce objects or have form validation needs beyond what WFFM can offer. In code, the out-of-the–box S4S Generic Mapping Save Action calls the FuseIT.S4SMapping.Actions.Submit Actions class after a WFFM form is submitted. It is not difficult to write a similar Save Action like in the code example.

Create a Custom Save Action

Create a project in Visual Studio and a new class similar to the example code (inherit from ISaveAction). The example project name is FuseIT.Salesforce.Demo and the class name is FuseIT.Sitecore.Demo.SubmitToSalesforceContacts. Modify the class to your needs, and copy the compiled DLL to your Sitecore bin directory.

Next Step

Create a new Sitecore Web Forms Save Action