WSDL Parser Help

The FuseIT WSDL parser and Apex generator has a number of supported features.

With publicly accessible WSDL URLs you can use the basic online version to generate the required Apex classes.

For all WSDLs the Windows Client offers more options, including the ability to access WSDLs within a private network and to publish the resulting Apex classes directly to your Salesforce instance.


  • WSDL version 1.1 (validated according to W3C).
  • WSDL's with SOAP version 1.1 address bindings and all the other bindings will be ignored.
  • SOAP operations should be of style "document" not "rpc".

Online Version Restriction

  • The URL should be publicly accessible.
  • URL should not require any cookies or session headers for authentication.
  • All the subsequent import locations should also be publicly accessible.
  • If the web service is on a private network, please use our FuseIT SFDC Explorer application to generate Apex classes from WSDL locally on your machine.

Deployment Failure

The generated Apex classes will be dependent on each other.
To avoid deployment errors, please make sure that the classes are being deployed in the right order i.e. deploy the class with no dependency first then deploy the class dependent on deployed classes. Alternatively deploy all the classes at once.

Parse Failures

Due to the huge number of possible WSDL permutations this online tool may not be able to parse your WSDL. If your WSDL does not parse, please check it is well formed XML (SOAP based WSDL with document style requests) and has the required XML elements. If it still does not parse, there are several options:

  • Remove, edit or add the erroneous element in the WSDL and try again. Afterwards, edit accordingly.
  • Submit a request to FuseIT to modify the WSDL parser so it successfully parses your WSDL. FuseIT updates the parser periodically.
    If you urgently need us to update the tool to support your specific case, or create Apex classes for your WSDL, please contact us to arrange professional services based on your specific needs.


IMPORTANT: Please make sure to validate your WSDL before trying to parse it.


Submit a request to FuseIT