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  • Setup » App Setup » Develop » Custom Settings
  • Click Manage before the S4S Hierarchy Settings                                                  

Figure: 86

Organisation level settings can be added or specific settings for specific users. 


If this is not a public facing website, you will need to ensure that a pinhole is open from Salesforce through to your IIS server, load balancer, CD/CM at the indicated IP or URL.

Figure: 87

Figure: 88

Add the URL to Remote Site Settings.  If your site address already exists in the remote site setting list, you do not need to do this again.

Setup » Administration Setup » Security Controls » Remote Site Settings 

Figure: 89

Enter the URL or IP address set up in Custom Settings above. 


Note: This is a common area for mistake, either the address is not set up in both places, it does not match, or it is not accessible from Salesforce

Figure: 90

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