Configuring the Partner API Web Service (Pre-Sitecore 9)

IMPORTANT: Installations require this configuration to ensure compatibility with the Salesforce TLS 1.2 upgrade.

The FuseIT.Sitecore.SalesforceConnector config section allows for specialized customization of the interaction with the Salesforce Partner API. This section is typically not required as the default values should be sufficient for most users of S4S. Please note that the <securityProtocols> element was added in S4S Release 16078 or later.

  • Add the following to the configSections in your web.config:
<section name="FuseIT.Sitecore.SalesforceConnector" type="FuseIT.Sitecore.SalesforceConnector.SalesforceSettingsSection, FuseIT.Sitecore.SalesforceConnector"/>

  • Then add the following section to the web.config to change the default values:
    timeOutMilliseconds: Indicates the time an XML Web service client waits for a synchronous XML Web service request to complete (in milliseconds).      
    clientId: Partner application API token (Case sensitive). Required to work with Professional Edition orgs.      
    uploadBatchSize: The maximum number of records that can be sent to Salesforce in an upload operation. This limit is defined by Salesforce.
    <binding timeOutMilliseconds="100000" clientId="" uploadBatchSize="200" />
    <!-- Config to explicitly set the System.Net.ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol -->
      <securityProtocol securityProtocolType="Tls" />
      <securityProtocol securityProtocolType="Tls11" />
      <securityProtocol securityProtocolType="Tls12" />
    <!-- Speedup Keyprefix lookups for known values -->
      <add key="Lead" value="00Q"/>
      <add key="Contact" value="003"/>
      <add key="User" value="005"/>
      <add key="Organization" value="00D"/>

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