Install S4S in Sitecore (Required) (Pre-Sitecore 9)

The FuseIT S4S module is distributed as several Sitecore Packages.

  • Core Package: Contains the minimal files for working with the S4S connectors.
  • Starter Kit Package (optional - not required): After the Core Package install, this package includes example files for testing and demonstrating S4S functionality.
  • S4SLB Package (optional - not required): After the Core Package install, this package has features to create Sitecore Contact Lists from Salesforce Campaigns and Reports.

Modifications of Configuration Files

After the appropriate Sitecore package has been installed the website configuration files will need to be updated.

Configuring S4S requires making manual changes to the web.config, S4S Installation/App_Config/ConnectionStrings.config. If implementing the Security Connector (to authenticate using credentials stored in Salesforce), you also need to modify  App_Config/Security/Domains.config.xml. and check a setting in the module configuration file which is App_Config/Include/S4S.config (see Configuring Unique Key Property (optional) for details).

IMPORTANT: Changes to web.config and other config files can cause a website restart.

References to web.config may include other config files pointed to by web.config (like Sitecore.config

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