Sitecore Profile Lightning (Version 3.x)

Click on a profile to view it.

All the fields in Sitecore Profile are reportable.

Edit profile key values

IMPORTANT: S4S versions 2.900.18222.3 or later do not let you edit the profile key values from the Sitecore Profile screen in Salesforce. The functionality to personalize values is now implemented in the S4S Personalization Salesforce package. 

You can create profiles in Sitecore marketing center (Sitecore guide for developing profiles and pattern cards). You can edit profile key values by clicking the "Set New Values" button.
Click "Save to Sitecore" to save these values in the Sitecore database and the next time the Contact/Lead visits the website; they will see the web page content according to the values set. To achieve this the FuseITLoadPreviousVisit sublayout should be assigned to that page. Click here for more details about LoadPreviousVisit.

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