S4S List Builder for Sitecore 9.0 - 9.2

IMPORTANT: For Sitecore 9.0 upto Sitecore 9.2 use FuseIT-S4SLB-1.7.2 package.


S4S List Builder comes as a standard Sitecore Package. Users can install it from:

Sitecore Desktop » Start menu » Development Tools » Installation Wizard.

By default, S4S List Builder imports Email Address, First Name, and Last Name from Salesforce to the Sitecore xDB Contact record. S4SLB 1.7.2 supports additional Salesforce fields that can be saved in the Sitecore Contact as custom facets (as follows):

  • You can define additional Salesforce fields that you need to import from following paths in the Sitecore tree.

    For Salesforce Contacts - /sitecore/system/Modules/S4S/S4SLB Facet Mapping/Contact

    For Salesforce Leads - /sitecore/system/Modules/S4S/S4SLB Facet Mapping/Lead

  • Right-click any of the items above (choose the Salesforce entity that needs extra fields) and create a new item from the template called “Facet Mapping”. “Facet Mapping” template can be found in /sitecore/templates/S4S/S4SLB/Facet Mapping.


  • After creating a new item using the “Facet Mapping” template, you can choose a Salesforce field name from the field called “Salesforce Field”.

  • You can create multiple items as above if you need multiple Salesforce fields to be added to the Sitecore contact as custom facets.

  • All the mapped Salesforce field values will be saved under the “S4SInfo” custom facet in Sitecore xDB when running S4S List Builder.


S4SLB does not push Sitecore Email Experience analytics back to Salesforce so full "round trip" reporting is not possible. Our S4S EXM module is required for this.


S4SLB creates new Contact Lists in Sitecore. These are not real lists, but list name references in each Contact record that the contact belongs to. Each Sitecore Contact record imported using S4SLB has an Id field that is the Salesforce OrgId and the Salesforce Lead or Contact Id concatenated into an Id. For example, 00D3b0000000fxk_0036000001rWLdH is the Salesforce OrgId followed by the Contact Id. Developers can use this to map the data in Sitecore xDB analytics back to Salesforce using S4S.

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