Create a New Sitecore Web form (Pre-Sitecore 9)

From the Sitecore Start menu, select Sitecore » All Applications » Web Forms for Marketers » Create a New Form. Fill out the necessary sections of the Form Designer wizard.

Add fields to the form you want to be mapped to a field in a object.

In the above example we may intend to map the first name, last name, email address and phone number fields to, for example, a Salesforce Contact. Once all the fields have been added, click Submit to show the Save Actions on the left side of the form. Edit the Save Actions. To ensure the S4S Mapping Wizard is correctly instantiated and the WFFM form submits to, the save action must be set to an S4S Save Action. Do this by making the selection and remember to click the Add button.

IMPORTANT: Always ensure the Save Action is set to an S4S Save Action as seen below. Use the Add button to do this.

You can optionally remove other mappings as required. Click OK then save the form by clicking the Save button at the top left of the Form Designer. For the S4S Generic Mapping Save Action, you will be prompted, Do you want to set the Salesforce mappings now? The S4S Mapping Wizard will be displayed. The S4S Mapping Wizard can also be accessed from the Sitecore Start menu. Using this option selects only the WFFM forms that already have the S4S Save Actions.

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