S4S List Builder is an application that lets operators create Sitecore Contact Lists in xDB from Salesforce Reports and Campaigns. Once a Sitecore Contact List has been created it can be associated with a Sitecore EXM email campaign.

IMPORTANT: S4S List Builder is also known as S4SLB.


Using S4S List builder requires several steps:

1. Create Salesforce Reports and Campaigns

2. Open S4S List Builder

Click Sitecore Salesforce List Builder on the Sitecore Launchpad

3. Select Salesforce Instance

Choose the correct connection string from the drop-down list

4. Select the Data Sources

Select one report OR several campaigns with an Active status.

Note: The campaign list from Salesforce shows the number of contacts, leads, and converted leads

After selecting at least one item click Next

5. Complete Import Options

Select whether to create a new list or update an existing list with the data that is going to be imported. Name the list and optionally give it a description.

The "Total Size" field shows the count of members expected to be created in Sitecore if each Salesforce entity has the prerequisite data.

Click Import

6. Import the List

Depending on the list size, the import processing time will vary. Once the import is completed, Sitecore will only release the list after it has been indexed, which may take some time if the list is large. After creating the new Sitecore contact list in xDB, users have the option to use the Sitecore List Manager to remove duplicates, filter members, and create segmentations.

IMPORTANT: The Salesforce Lead Id and Contact Id do not appear against the Sitecore Contact when viewed in Sitecore. They are saved in the S4SInfo facet in the Sitecore contact and can be programmatically accessed.

IMPORTANT: When importing Salesforce Campaigns, the Salesforce campaign member id will be added to the "S4SInfo" custom facet.

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For Sitecore 9.0-9.2


For Sitecore 9.3 and above