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IMPORTANT: When submitting Lead or Contact Analytics data with S4S Sitecore Experience Forms, you may see Sitecore Error Log entries like the following:

42444 11:26:31 ERROR Error: FuseIT.Sitecore.SalesforceConnector.Services.SalesforceServiceFoundation - Errors in upsert results. Failed Records Count =3

This is due to S4S saving analytics data using the S4S DisparateSalesforceService to conserve API calls. If records already exist Sitecore Visits, Goals or Profiles from a previous form submission or from the Bulk Update Analytics job, the those inserts will fail. While it is logged as an error in Sitecore, there will be no error in the data that is recorded against the Lead or Contact.

Please see the following link if you are experiencing errors in the Mapping Wizard user interface:

S4S Form Mapping Wizard Error

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